Three Line Thursday

Part of my 2015 writing contract with myself is to “put myself out there” more. In January, I have sought out online writing contests to connect with new writing communities. In one such contest, “Three Line Thursday,” writers must respond to a photo prompt with only three lines of text in the comments.

Three lines?! 

Challenge accepted!

Last week, I was thrilled to learn that my submission (replete with typo…argggghh!) won third place. The prompt was a photo of a slightly twisted, leafless branch in winter/beginning of spring. To see the photo prompt and all the submissions, check out the Week 13 prompt. The winners (along with the judge’s comments) are included in the Results post.

Here’s my entry (note, as this is my blog, I fixed the typo to share here):

I race from the medical receptionist’s cloying perfume to gulp in the icy parking

lot air. I study the precise landscaping, my ears burning. The now-dead branches

will soon birth new life, but my belly will only breed jealousy.

I hope you will consider spreading the word about #3lineThursday on Twitter and with your writer friends. It’s an extraordinary challenge that forces participants to choose precise wording to evoke a response from the readers, and isn’t that what writing is all about?


  • “My belly will only breed jealousy.”

    Yes, wow.

    well done.

    MardraJanuary 15, 2015
    • Thank you!

      C. JaiJanuary 15, 2015
  • February 7, 2015

    […] myself includes trying writing processes that are not the norm for me). One of my January entries placed third, so I figured I had earned my kudos for the year (I do have to stop and note here that my niece […]

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