Telling a story in 30 words

For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to participate in Three Line Thursday for a couple of different reasons, but I was determined to get back to it (remember that my 2015 writing contract with myself includes trying writing processes that are not the norm for me). One of my January entries placed third, so I figured I had earned my kudos for the year (I do have to stop and note here that my niece Mira Day won first place as well with an amazing entry and writing pal Mardra Sikora earned a well-deserved honorable mention).

Well, guess what? I placed third once again. In this weekly contest, writers must respond to a photo prompt with only three lines of text (limited to 30 words total).

This week’s prompt was a photo of a nice fluffy bird. The winners (along with the judge’s comments) are included in the Results post.

Here’s my third-place entry for this week:

My inability to rival the neighbor’s melodious twitterings
Is tempered
By his ignorance of my clutch of mealworms

Spread the word about #3lineThursday on Twitter and with your writer friends. Using precise wording to tell a story is a skill we all need to master and continually practice. Three Line Thursday offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

[Note: I think this blog post wins for most links I have ever included in a single post ;)]

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