Crepuscular Entrée

The setting sun dragged to a halt above the Nebraska horizon

hovering to memorize the prairieland stretching out below.

Corn burst from its husks as rows of evergreen sentries

protected long-forgotten barns in their shadows

and purple coneflowers twirled like ballerinas

to the lilting music of trumpeting goldenrods,

while swallowtails drank the sweet sedum nectar.

The sun inhaled the spice of cedar trees,

their proud weathered branches

silhouetted against the rising moon

as saplings crowded ’round

crooked wooden fence posts.

It heaved an earthy sigh,

crimson and ochre tears

drowning out the remnants

of the fading blue sky:

“I shall count

each second

until we meet



  • Ms C J Ferry what a beautiful written poem. And tribute too you dear mother. She would of loved it! As she loved you so very much and still shines down on you. You are from a long line of great women. And I see a lot of them in you! Good Job!

    Adele GallopMarch 5, 2014
  • Aw shucks. Thanks [blushes] 🙂

    cjaiferry@gmail.comMarch 5, 2014
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