Therapy Sessions

Content note: Please be aware that this story includes violent actions and some gore.  Lorelei reached across the restaurant’s rubbery tablecloth. Just once she wished they could eat somewhere with real linens. She grasped Jeremy’s hand and smiled. “I love you.” When he didn’t respond, she squeezed his hand again and blinked back tears. She […]

The Break-Up

When he said he wanted to break up, I spouted off the first thing that came to mind. “Wanna fuck one last time?” It was my one and only request for what would today be termed a mercy fuck. Not my greatest moment, but what’s really sad is that it was the high point of […]

The Dead End

Minerva pulled on her favorite skin-tight gloves. They were the same gloves used by professional police forces around the world, which was why she chose them. They created a wild goose chase that led the police to a dead end every time. She smiled at the play on words. She was one of the lucky […]

The Escape Artist

The bank alarms rattled the tinted windows in Josh’s sedan. He threw the car into gear, glanced at the bank’s glass doors to see if anyone was on their way out, then jammed his foot on the gas pedal. “Sucks to be you, dudes,” he muttered, pulling out into the road. Josh followed the original […]