Genres: Fiction, Literary, Short Stories
Tag: Afternoon Read
Publisher: Inkwell International
Publication Year: 2016
Step into a world of struggling fathers, aging English teachers, terrified mothers, plague-bearers, revenge artists, ill-fated lovers, and children searching for their place in life—all characters brought to life in the flash fiction of C. Jai Ferry. Ferry uses evocative language and imagery to highlight those telling moments when a person’s entire life changes from a seemingly simple decision. These bite-sized morsels, most fewer than 100 words, examine the human condition and all its bittersweet moments.
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About the Book

The stories in this collection cover a long winter’s worth of written responses to various prompts, writing challenges, and contests. I was particularly drawn to flash fiction, extremely short texts that encompass an entire story in as few as 30 words. Although not every story can (or should!) be told in so few words, writing flash fiction has allowed me to unravel many of the narrative strands these characters wished to share. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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