Wallowing in the Grey

For the last week, the weather here has been…undecided.  The skies are a non-color grey. No striations. No depths. Just a thick claustrophobic grey. It’s been threatening to rain, but hasn’t. It’s been trying to be foggy, but managed to only create an invasive haze. The thermometer says it’s warmish, but there is a chill that I just can’t shake. It’s been oppressive, choking, stagnant—everything that doesn’t inspire a writer.

Luckily there are websites like Three Line Thursday that consistently deliver inspiration. The fact that this week’s photo prompt was full of greys was just the icing on the cake. There are rumors that the sun might return for a few hours at some point tomorrow, but for now I am just wallowing in the grey.

My entry for this week’s Three Line Thursday.

Your voice trickles through the phone, cleaving our ancestral tree,

Dropping breadcrumbs from which my doubts germinate, take root,

And spawn intoxicating fears. If not yours, who am I?


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