Flash Fiction from Inspirational Memes

July is nearing an end, which means my 30 stories in 31 days trauma—I mean, challenge is almost over. No, I will not be completing the 30 stories, but I am happy with what I have accomplished and might try this again in another month when I am not doing a billion other writing challenges […]

A Zombie Walks Into a Bar…

Yeah, I don’t really have a follow-up on that title. I’m the zombie, but I’m not walking into a bar. I’m crawling into bed.   This past weekend I participated in a weekend flash fiction competition that required me to write a 1000-word horror story that takes place in a prison. It wiped me out […]

Frayed, Fireworks, and the 4th of July

I don’t understand the Fourth of July. In its purest form, it is a day to celebrate our independence from colonial rule and the birth of our nation while remembering everything we have sacrificed to ensure that we remain free of monarchs and dictators. Yet somehow it seems to have morphed into an over-the-top nation-wide […]

Ushering in the (Same Old) Winds of Change

With a new year comes ideas about starting fresh, giving us a new chance to achieve our goals. Usually this sense of a fresh start is, in reality, a false hope that we as humans attach to January 1. It’s a lot of pressure for a single date to be responsible for the world’s “fresh […]

Surviving the writing life

With the week of work I have had, I was worried that the final resting place I would be writing about for Charli Mill’s writing challenge this week would be my own. In the span of a week, I have edited one thesis and two academic books totaling just over 1,000 pages. I also had an […]

The places we go when we’re not looking

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about not having the energy to write about my roots and being able to accept the fact that I faked the writing that day. I was (and still am) okay with my decision not to push myself that day, but I am amused by the […]

Happy Thoughts Do Not Make Good Stories

I met with an author friend for lunch last week, during which time we discussed our ongoing projects and goals for completing them. As I was listing off ideas, I realized that I have way too much work on my plate, which is a good feeling (albeit overwhelming to the point that I freeze up). So […]

When Memory Lane is Too Blurry for a Stroll

It’s that time again — Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch flash fiction challenge. I unfortunately did not get to participate in last week’s challenge because work sucked me into quite a deep pool of sludge. But hooray — I survived! And today I have finally started to feel human once again, so I worked on the challenge and […]

Hiring an Editor

It seems like all my writer friends are either preparing their manuscripts for their editors or going through the edits that their editors made. I admit, I am one of them, having just sent a novella off to a new editor. I keep telling myself that I can handle the red marks, that I will […]

Jumpstarting Your Writing through Sprints

(originally published in the Nebraska Writer’s Guild Bulletin) Have you ever prepared for writing—researched your ideas, developed characters, created a plot outline, set aside time to write—and yet when you sat down to write, you found yourself stuck with a variety of false starts if you could start at all? Maybe you were constantly stopping […]