Ushering in the (Same Old) Winds of Change

With a new year comes ideas about starting fresh, giving us a new chance to achieve our goals. Usually this sense of a fresh start is, in reality, a false hope that we as humans attach to January 1. It’s a lot of pressure for a single date to be responsible for the world’s “fresh […]

If Mother Nature and Father Time went head to head…

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post this week because, well, I am a horrible master of time. There, I said it. Time management and I do not mix. It’s taken me more decades than I care to admit to acknowledge it, but there it is. But I did want to make sure and […]

Wallowing in the Grey

For the last week, the weather here has been…undecided.  The skies are a non-color grey. No striations. No depths. Just a thick claustrophobic grey. It’s been threatening to rain, but hasn’t. It’s been trying to be foggy, but managed to only create an invasive haze. The thermometer says it’s warmish, but there is a chill that I […]