Be Still My Beating Heart

Now this is a way to celebrate Hump Day! Charli Mills over at the Carrot Ranch tweeted about Unraveled, my newest collection of flash fiction and short stories. A spectacular collection of stories! A master of the flash fiction form! — Charli Mills (@Charli_Mills) August 3, 2016 A “master,” eh? That made my heart skip […]

Seven Kinds of Rain by K. Lyn Wurth

Oh, have I got a treat for you today, readers! I got to read an advance copy of Seven Kinds of Rain by K. Lyn Wurth (you might remember her from an earlier blog post, in which I shared how she helped me through a writing crisis) and was excited to share it with you. So […]

One Writer’s Identity Crisis

This past weekend was challenging for me as a writer. I headed up north for the short story contest, where the prompt was “pit bull in pink chiffon.” Such a great prompt, right? I was excited to write something cute and funny within the three-hour limit. *Sigh* Naturally my muse was feeling more of a sad […]

Listen to Mom

It’s been foggy all day today, both outside and in my brain, and I have been bingeing on sci-fi and western movies (often combining the two) instead of getting my work done. So, yes, a typical Monday.  My poor writing partner has been trying to whip me into action, but it’s kinda hard with three […]