Wallowing in the Grey

For the last week, the weather here has been…undecided.  The skies are a non-color grey. No striations. No depths. Just a thick claustrophobic grey. It’s been threatening to rain, but hasn’t. It’s been trying to be foggy, but managed to only create an invasive haze. The thermometer says it’s warmish, but there is a chill that I […]

Inspired by the Bard: A young girl’s passion

Last week I posted a short story meant to flaunt the rules, and it did so with gusto (the story made more than one reader shudder), so I was looking for something a little less “in your face” to post in order to balance out what I share via this blog. Luckily, as it is Thursday, […]

Three Line Thursday

Celebrating spring with this week’s Three Line Thursday. The photo prompt (Cliveden, by Natalie Bowers): The result: Vanquishing frost-tipped mornings, Seedlings seek out the gospel of the sun, Relieving me of winter’s stupor.  

Telling a story in 30 words

For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to participate in Three Line Thursday for a couple of different reasons, but I was determined to get back to it (remember that my 2015 writing contract with myself includes trying writing processes that are not the norm for me). One of my January entries placed third, […]

Three Line Thursday

Part of my 2015 writing contract with myself is to “put myself out there” more. In January, I have sought out online writing contests to connect with new writing communities. In one such contest, “Three Line Thursday,” writers must respond to a photo prompt with only three lines of text in the comments. Three lines?!  Challenge accepted! Last week, […]