What's in a name?

When I decided to start publishing my writing, I determined that it would be best to use a pen name---not because I wanted to hide my identity, but rather because I tend to write in various genres. For some of these genres, cross-pollination is not a good idea. My young adult fiction will not be published under the C. Jai Ferry name, nor will the historical novel I am working on or the humor-driven serials about my dog. It's not because I am ashamed of the subject of any of the work I produce or think some work is better than other work. Keeping these streams separate is just one way to ensure that a young reader doesn't pick up a short story that includes a particularly vulgar character or that a reader who enjoys historical fiction doesn't read the young adult fantasy story and expect more history. 

Some of this work will be published under my real name, some under other pen names. But the C. Jai Ferry name and this website will serve as the hub for everything I publish, meaning I will keep you appraised of these other ventures as well so you can peruse the stories if they sound like something you might enjoy (and know how to share the information with others who might be interested).

Knowing this would be my approach, I wanted my core pen name to be something meaningful to me, so I chose a name that spoke to my roots as a writer while pushing me to be daring and adventurous in my writing (without sacrificing quality). I also knew that a lot of my writing would focus on strong female characters (flawed characters, but strong nonetheless), so I wanted to give a nod to the females in my life who taught me what being a strong female means. Once I thought about all these factors, choosing the name was actually quite easy. C. Jai is a nod to my mother, who was known to many by her initials, C.J. Meanwhile, Ferry invokes the strength of all the females before me as it was my maternal great-grandmother's last name. With all these women behind me, supporting me, challenging me to push the boundaries, and setting the bar ever higher, I know that every time I am able to create an intriguing character, uncover an unexpected twist, or write a line that resonates with readers, I am honoring these women.  

My mother would have turned 65 years old this week. She saw a beauty in Nebraska that I could never understand until I returned here almost ten years ago. To celebrate the amazing artwork nature provides for us right outside our windows, I included a new poem in this newsletter entitled "Crepuscular Entree."   



Crepuscular Entrée

The setting sun dragged to a halt above the Nebraska horizon

hovering to memorize the prairieland stretching out below.

Corn burst from its husks as rows of evergreen sentries

protected long-forgotten barns in their shadows

and purple coneflowers twirled like ballerinas

to the lilting music of trumpeting goldenrods,

while swallowtails drank the sweet sedum ...

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Honeysuckle Series

All three books from the Honeysuckle series are now available on Amazon. I really appreciate everyone's support for these collections by buying the ebooks and sharing the information with your friends. The final book, Honeysuckle Dreams, is currently #67 in the Kindle store for short stories (Honeysuckle Road is #68). One of these days I will stop obsessively checking whether another book has sold. Really, I will. I promise. The entire writing, editing, and publishing process has been both exhilarating and terrifying, and every time someone downloads one of the ebooks, I do my little "woohoo!" dance...and then freak out a bit about what's next in the queue. 

So what is next? Oh, I've got some magic up my sleeves yet. I am currently revising a short story that I hope to publish as a standalone ebook by the end of the month. Of course I am still working on the novels. I added a page to the website that details the progress on each of them and gives a short synopsis. Finally, I'm working on an idea to serialize Pistachio's shenanigans on the acreage. If I can get all the pieces into place, the goal is to launch the serial in April and have a new adventure come out every two weeks. I will keep you updated!

That's all for this week~

Thank you so much for reading my work. If you know anyone who might enjoy my writing, please feel free to forward this newsletter to them.

Thank you for sharing in this exciting ride with me!