Where did January go? 

I can't believe that the first month of 2014 is almost over. The writing continues and I am starting to see some exciting progress. I have fleshed out stories for three different ebooks and have an idea for a fourth. My goal is to get the three published in February, so be on the lookout for some fun announcements in the weeks ahead. I have also been focused on getting the novels under control. I currently have six novels (yes, SIX!) outlined and in some stage of writing. Three of the novels are entering the final parts and I hope to have the rough drafts finalized by the end of February. Yes, February is going to be even busier than January!

Speaking of novels, I have included in this update a sneak peek to one set in Nebraska in the 1920s. This was a novel I never planned to write and had never even thought about as a story line, but the characters were adamant about being put on paper, so I let them have their way. Yes, writing is often like figuring out which voices in my head need to come out and play for while. The only way to access the sneak peek is through the link provided later in this newsletter.

I have also included a new flash fiction story Another Wasted Smirk. I did not post my story from this week's writing challenge because...well it took a turn to the gruesome. The prompt was to update a fairy tale as a psychological thriller in less than 1000 words. It was a blast to write, but might be a little much compared to my other writings. If anyone would like to read it, just email me at cjaiferry@gmail.com and I will send you a copy.  


Flash Fiction

Note: Stories contain adult language and themes.

Another Wasted Smirk

My sister squirms behind the wheel of the dingy red farm truck, waiting with our cousin for the moon to rise above the clouds. She’s two years older, two years wiser. So she thinks. She’s not so hot. Well, the boys think she is, with her thick eyelashes and “gifted endowments,” as our elders call them. Tonight she’s just upset ...

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Sneak Peek

Excerpt from the novel set in rural Nebraska in the 1920s: 

Marguerite closed her eyes, picturing herself floating on her back as cool waves lapped against her warm skin. In her mind’s eye, she saw a deserted beach in the distance, palm trees gently waving above the white sand. She felt something wet nudging her thigh and looked down to see a school of dolphins spread out in the water around her, their noses joyfully bobbing up and down in the water. She smiled at them, and they squealed back at her before turning to swim and jump through the waves. Marguerite leaned back, imagining the sun turning her fair skin a deep golden brown as she breathed in the smell of her sweat mixing with the salty ocean water. She opened her mouth slightly to sigh, convinced that she had finally found her paradise.

As soon as the thought formed in her mind, she knew it was a mistake. 

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(note: you cannot access the sneak peek from the website itself, only through this link)

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