More new writings for you! 

This week I have been working on a couple of novels. One in particular has me really excited because I realized that I need to gut the whole thing and revise it. For most people, this doesn't sound like a good week, but the truth is that I have been struggling with this work since starting it in July 2013. The action has flowed and the characters are awesome, but I knew all along that *something* was missing. Having already written about 200 pages (two-thirds done), I was nervous about continuing without figuring out the issue (because honestly, once I get done, I know I will be chomping at the bit to publish and will have a hard time being patient as I wait for the editors and artists to do their magic). Ah, the joys of writing. 

This week's writings include two new flash fiction stories, although they are a bit longer than other stories I have posted (1400 and 1100 words). The Dead End is my response to a writing challenge. I had to create a story involving specific characters and a place. Twenty Minutes is a piece that I developed a while ago and every few months I go back to tinker and tweak. I think it will be one of those pieces that is never actually finished. 

Ok, now on to the stories! 

Flash Fiction

Note: Stories contain adult language and themes.

The Dead End

Minerva pulled on her favorite skin-tight gloves. They were the same gloves used by professional police forces around the world, which was why she chose them. They created a wild goose chase that led the police to a dead end every time. She smiled at the play on words. She was one of the lucky few who truly loved her ...

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Twenty Minutes

I have a secret. I want my grandmother to die. I glance at my watch as I push the door to her room barely open. Twenty minutes. Just twenty minutes. Unless she’s asleep, and then I’ll wait until next week. Although in reality I hope that a visit next week won’t be necessary.

I peek through the crack in ...

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Sorry, the Poetry Muse has been lounging on the beaches of Cancun this week. Check back next week to see if she has returned. 

That's all for this week~

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Thank you for sharing in this exciting ride with me!