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Happy Friday, reader!

 I don't want to take anyone away from the weekend for too long, so I am just sending out a quick email to let you know that I have published another collection of short stories and flash fiction and it's getting wonderful reviews. I would love to know what you think too. 

About Unraveled: 

Step into a world of struggling fathers, aging English teachers, terrified mothers, plague-bearers, revenge artists, ill-fated lovers, and children searching for their place in life—all characters brought to life in the flash fiction of C. Jai Ferry. Ferry uses evocative language and imagery to highlight those telling moments when a person’s entire life changes from a seemingly simple decision. These bite-sized morsels, most fewer than 100 words, examine the human condition and all its bittersweet moments.

Get your copy at your favorite ebook retailer.


Meet K. Lyn Wurth

I am honored that the author K. Lyn Wurth agreed to be interviewed for my blog. She's got a new release out that is, in a word, fantastic! Seven Kinds of Rain tells the story of three children from Darkwater Creek, Nebraska, in the early 1900s. Read all about this must-read new release on my blog.  


A final word...

I updated the covers to the Honeysuckle series. I would love to know what you think. Drop me a line at or visit me on Twitter or Google+

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Thank you for sharing in this exciting ride with me!