I've posted some new writings for you! 

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Ok, now on to the stories! 

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is another name for really short stories. Some define it as 1500 words or less, others 500 words or less. I have been participating in some online challenges to write flash fiction and thought I would share some of the outcomes. Note: Stories contain adult language.

Ten-Year God

She shoved her red lace panties into her Jesus is the Reason tote, then threw the jar of KamaSutra Honey Dust Powder and its accompanying feather applicator on the bed.

“Keep it. Think of me,” she sneered, not looking at him. She strode out of the apartment, carrying the last of her belongings. She refused to look back.

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The Escape Artist

The bank alarms rattled the tinted windows in Josh’s sedan. He threw the car into gear, glanced at the bank’s glass doors to see if anyone was on their way out, then jammed his foot on the gas pedal.

“Sucks to be you, dudes,” he muttered, pulling out into the road.

Josh followed the original escape route, whipping ...

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To be honest, I don't really consider myself to be much of a poet, yet when the Muse strikes, who am I to turn her away?

Will the real Cinderella please stand up?

I used to have a southern accent
but my vowels were too long
for my family as the talked
around the dinner table
and I couldn’t interject my voice
into the conversation
so I practiced my accent
all summer
that year I had a crush
on my little brother’s friend
who came to visit us
and my sister,
who was ...

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Mother's Peace

Mother didn’t expect it,
didn’t look for it
or hold her breath waiting,
but suddenly it was there:
twenty-three seconds
of gentle reassurances
and deep, satisfying sighs.

The orange sliver of afternoon sun
whispered into Althea’s feverish room
and Mother was there,
keeping the girl’s spirits up,
feeding her 7Up through a straw
and massaging her left hand.
The ...

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