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I love short stories. I mean *really* love them. I think it stems from our propensity as humans to instantly digest new situations. We pass a person on the street and are able to draw all sorts of conclusions about that person from just a moment’s glance. For me, short stories are those momentary glances with the addition of a look over our shoulders after we have passed the person by to see something new that maybe the person never intended for us to see. So I am always tinkering on short stories, often several at a time.

But I recently stumbled across a–quite frankly–delicious idea for a novel. I had never even entertained the idea of a novel before (hello, commitment phobia anyone?), but I just couldn’t shake this story idea. And the more I thought about it and talked about it to anyone who would listen, the more I realized that this was a novel that I really wanted to write. Truth be told, that realization scared the bejesus out of me given that my longest short story to date was about 25 pages.

Even more terrifying was that, as I was working on this story line, another (unrelated) one was burrowing into my brain and making itself all cozy. While I was jotting down notes for the second novel (and realizing that it was not a single novel but an entire series), a character for a third story idea pushed her way to the front of the line and demanded attention.

Ah the life of a writer: totally unable to control the party in your head (and a little nervous about what all these new guests are doing up there when you’re not looking).

I’m in a writing mood today, so I hope you enjoy the ride.

~C. Jai Ferry

cropped-BeFunky_Profile-picture-big.jpg.jpgC. Jai Ferry grew up in a small rural town in one of those middle states between New York and Los Angeles. She put together her first book of poetry, complete with a lime green cover, for a class assignment in fifth grade. Today, she focuses on short stories with narrators who are often described as brutally honest and who likely need some form of professional help. She is currently working on her first novel.

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